Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

This last week we were able to go to Salt Lake City to visit with Peters family for Easter. His sister from Colorado and their family came as well. It was nice visiting, and spending time in the BEAUTIFUL weather Utah had this weekend. We took the kids on a couple walks, went fishing with grandpa, played games and ate great food.

On Sunday, Katies boys put together a small easter egg hunt for my two kids and how fun it was to watch! Elsje had her two cousins, Brayden and Derek following her around, making sure she found all the eggs, and at one point held her basket for her! They looked like her bodyguards and it warmed my heart watching them get along with her. Ezra had his second Easter and this time he was a bit more excited. Peter helped him walk around and find a few eggs.  We had a great brunch with his family then hopped on the road to make it to my parents house for dinner. We had so much fun jumping on the tramp with grandpa and swatting fly. Ezra kept practicing his stairs.

I'm glad we have the opportunity to be with family and to remember the reason we have Easter.

Although its nice to be visiting family, its always just as nice to get back home to our bed, our house, and our little family.

I got one dad!!


"The bodyguards"

sideways pic!

These were the cute bunnies I sewed all of peters nieces and nephews. I got the idea from HERE
I used the tutorial, but didn't have time to hand stitch 16 I used hot glue and squiggly eyes and buttons for noses. I think they turned out rather cute! 

Happy Easter!

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